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The folks at the EBI have been doing some great work on the CDK. A major effort is underway to revamp JChemPaint and part of this involves improving the rendering of 2D depictions. While not complete I rebuilt a version of the CDK 1.2.x branch with the latest rendering code from the jchempaint-primary branch and updated the CDK web service. The results are much nicer, though there’s scope for improvements. See for example


Thanks to Gilleain and Egon for pointing me in the right direction. Anybody using this service should see the new depictions automatically


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Sometime back I was playing around with dynamic HTML and cam across a tutorial that described how to implement the dynamic suggestion feature that is commonly found on many websites (such as Google and Amazon). This set me wondering how I could use this mechanism to dynamically depict a SMILES string as I type it.


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